Stealing With the Eyes on the Helsinki Book Review

There’s a terrific review of Stealing With the Eyes, just posted on the Helsinki Book Review website. You can find the link here. Here’s an extract:

What Buckingham explores in Stealing with the Eyes is an age-old postcolonial question, yet its strength resides in its telling of an intriguing story, rather than in an attempt to solve any of these issues, or free his white guilt. Orientalism, postcolonial gaze, the notorious business of cultural export: these are all widely discussed topics elsewhere, and that is not what the book sets out to tackle at all. Moving in the realms of personal travelogue and the novel, Stealing with the Eyes is a curious and always entertaining book, driven by lively dialogue with occasional dips into beautiful observations that verge on epiphany… It is all thanks to Buckingham’s ear for good storytelling, so that the book moves with the narrative arc of a novel.

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