New Servers!

(Posted Friday June 1, 2012)

Well, I’ve moved the site to a new server, and so now should run a bit more smoothly. Unfortunately, due to an act of some foolishness on my part, I transferred over the wrong database and didn’t notice; then I… well, I deleted the right database. So as a result this site is running pretty much as it was running in 2009, and the nice changes to the style of the site have all been lost.

This is a shame; but the main thing about this site is the information, which is still intact, and should remain so now that the site has a new home. Apologies for the slight loss in visual appeal!


Another Jakarta Post Article

(Posted Tuesday January 20, 2009)

There’s an interesting article in the Jakarta Post about the economics of farming in contemporary Tanimbar. See the link here


Back in Action

(Posted Tuesday January 20, 2009)

Apologies for the fact that this site has not been working for a few weeks. There were gremlins on the server, but you’ll be glad to know they have now all been evicted, and things are back on track. I’ve also taken the opportunity to make a few tweaks to the website, to update the software that runs it, and to do a bit of tidying up.

Best wishes,



Jakarta Post article

(Posted Wednesday July 16, 2008)

An interesting article has recently been published in the Jakarta Post about health-care in Tanimbar, focusing on the work of Doctor Yuliana Ratuanak. See the link here.


Tanimbar and Climate Change

(Posted Thursday May 29, 2008)

I’ve just come across these two Youtube videos about climate change in Tanimbar, courtesy of Oxfam. They are well worth a look.


Cargo Fever

(Posted Wednesday April 4, 2007)

Cargo Fever

My first novel, Cargo Fever, is set in the imaginary Moluccan island of Kenukecil, and is dedicated to my friends in Indonesia. The book is published Tindal Street Press.

The novel has attracted some excellent reviews with publishing News describing the book as “A lively and exotic adventure novel, thronging with picaresque characters, raucous magic and unfamiliar customs”. Click on the cover to the left to find out more on

I’ve set up a little site about the novel as well, which can be found here




(Posted Thursday November 16, 2006)

Welcome to the news section of this website. I have set up this page will for news updates from the Tanimbar islands.

I am aware that the information on this site is somewhat out of date, so if you have any connections with Tanimbar, and you want to let me know, then use the contact form to get in touch.

Thanks and best wishes, Will